Onsite SEO

Onsite or on page search engine optimization consists of the many things you can do to your website to make it rank higher in Google’s search results. While providing a quality answer to a consumer question is great for boosting your sites rank, there are many other tips and tricks that can help. The following video will give you a couple ideas for your website.

The techniques highlighted in this video are as follows:

  1. Short URL’s
  2. Use target keyword in URL
  3. LSI keywords – Words that are closely related to your target keyword
  4. The more content the better. The longer the content has been published the more reliable your site looks to Google.
  5. Title tags and CTR – Google recognizes when a user clicks on your website as an indicator of the quality of your content. The more people that click through to your site, the higher your rank will go. Adding numbers, brackets, and parentheses to your title has been found to increase CTR.
  6. External link out to your resources for every blog post. Google uses this as a factor for ranking your site.
  7. Internal links back to old blog posts on your site, specifically to the pages you want to rank higher.
  8. Use premium website hosting and a CDN for the fastest websites.
  9. Multimedia makes the experience better for the user. Google measures the experience of people on your site and uses that information to rank it.
Onsite SEO

Some other techniques not included in this video are meta descriptions, alt text, and site navigation.

Meta description: This is the short summary of the website listed under the search result. Writing quality copy that is rich with keywords is another way to boost your rankings.

Alt text: Keywords should also be used on a picture file for when Google crawls the site. This will tell Google that your site has the keyword all over it and may be a quality answer to someone’s question.

Site navigation: A site that flows well and is easy to read will boost your rankings. This is because Google considers the experience of the consumer on your website. If someone clicks on your site but only stays for two seconds, maybe your site needs some work. The longer you can keep someone on your site the better.

Managing the quality of your website should be the first thing you do to optimize your search results. Implementing all of the above techniques will drive your site up through the rankings. Now that you have learned about onsite SEO be sure to check out my post on Offsite SEO.

Onsite SEO

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