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Top 3 Digital Marketing Programs in Michigan [2/4/2020]

What is digital marketing?

Before we discuss the top programs available for digital marketers, we must learn what digital marketing is really about. Marketing itself is all about finding new ways to reach and engage a target audience. The internet and other technologies provide marketers with new ways of getting products/services to customers. Since technology is rapidly evolving, digital marketing has become a new part of business on its own. Universities have begun to teach this subject, and many have made it a major study of it’s own.

Here is a quick list of schools in Michigan with the best digital marketing programs:

  1. The University of Michigan – Dearborn
Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs

This undergraduate program has 5 required courses:

  • MKT 363 – Digital Consumer Search and Marketing
  • MKT 454 – Marketing Research
  • MKT 455 – E-tailing and Retailing
  • MKT 458 – Communications Strategy and New Media
  • MKT 463 – Digital Analytics and Content

An additional two courses must be taken from the following list:

  • DS 310 – Data Mining for Business Intelligence
  • MKT 382 – Understanding Customers
  • MKT 402 – Marketing Management
  • MKT 457 – Global Marketing and Consumer Culture
  • MKT 460 – Digital Communication Strategy
  • ISM/ITM 321 – Database Systems I
  • ISM/ITM 371 – IT Strategy: Disrupting Industry Norms, Practices, and Structures
  • ISM/ITM 382 – Advanced Computer Applications

This program obviously covers a wide range of topics within the digital marketing world. The digital marketing and business world in general is a very fast paced environment, but the professors always make sure to keep you updated. Professors here give you insight into real work experiences and help you learn from them. It has been very beneficial to apply what I’ve learned in a real work environment. This is the main reason I find the University of Michigan – Dearborn to be the top school for digital marketing.

2. Ferris State University

Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs

Ferris offers a Digital Marketing/E-Commerce degree that covers the following:

  • Integration of online and traditional marketing for best results
  • Simplifying the purchasing process through e-commerce
  • Database management
  • B2B and B2C marketing practices
  • Ad campaigns through social media

Required classes:

  • ECOM 375: Business to Business E-Commerce Marketing
  • ECOM 383: Business to Consumer E-Commerce Marketing
  • MKTG 383: Direct Marketing

1 of the following courses:

  • AIMC 375: Business to Business Advertising
  • GRDE 224: Web Design & Planning

While Ferris does not cover as many digital marketing subjects, I do like that they offer the Web Design & Planning course. Learning to craft a website for your brand is a great skill to learn and I think a whole class is necessary to teach it.

3. Western Michigan University

Michigan undergraduate digital marketing programs

The Digital Marketing and E-Commerce degree at WSU covers the following topics:

  • eCommerce
  • Data Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social media
  • Web Application Development

Required courses:

  • CIS 2900 – Web Applications for Business
  • CIS 3900 – Business Web Architecture
  • MKTG 3710 – Marketing Research
  • MKTG 3730 – Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • MKTG 4781 – Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies

Students must also elect 9 credit hours to one of the following studies:

  • Analytics
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Database Marketing
  • Customized Specialization

This program covers a wide variety of subjects and prepares their students for the ever-changing digital marketing field. WSU is a great place to go if you want to learn more about digital marketing.

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